Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In this cold night with my sleeping hubby and sons around me, my thoughts of nostalgic moments 6 years ago come flashing in my mind like the photo slideshows on the computer screen. I am waiting for the UPU results at that time...eventhough i was so confident that i will get my 1st choice of program but there was always a small voice in my head which sounds 'wont u regret it if u choose veterinary doctor instead of medical doctor one day?'.

There's another outer voice (which happens to be my mom) sounded 'ur pointer can get u MD, r u sure of ur choice?. what a silly girl i was? (others think, not me), my 1st choice was DVM UPM, while my second and so forth were MD, Dentist and zoology. My answer to my mom, 'i dont want to work on Hari Raya Ma'. That simple answer had made my mom asked no more ever since.

When my other relatives knew what i chose, their response were, 'is there a job market for Vet graduates?'. My response; no vocal ones but just expression on my face, 'Hey....whatever' (like the Westlife song).

My passion for animals is inside of me ever since i was a small innocent little girl. I love cats so much! I just cannot live without them around. In fact, my family are animal lovers too. we have cats ( a lot!), chickens, ducks, fishes, tortoise, geese and once, a very adorable slow loris! (accidently caught by my dad which he thought a wild cat and we didnt know we need a license for that and my mom whose the one responsible to released it to the wild).

In primary school, i always write DOCTOR in the blank space besides AMBITION. But, it started to change before my PMR exam. i added VETERINARY prior to the DOCTOR. Since that i do my best to achieve my goals and here i am now, a VETERINARY SURGEON. What made me more proud is when my homeroom mom (MRSM Kuching) are proud of what i become eventhough she once had questioned my ambition.

In our society, MDs are always on the top, while VETs are not that popular. Its very contrast in developed countries where VETs are always on the top. No one to blame. For me, its just civilised-thinking gap. And dont get me wrong, I salute my friends which graduated as MD and all MDs out there who devoted their lives to the society. Yeah, without them, how can we survive from all kind of diseases today regardless what celebration we have in Malaysia? ( of course with the help of GOD).

Now, im still in the process of building my career to the next level. I am trying my best to improve my knowledge and skills in order to be a good and competent veterinary surgeon. Thank GOD, i have a very supportive hubby who was my classmate in UPM during the 5 whole years. He is my top motivator, BFF and loving hubby.

My last word for this time: If u had a dream, dont ever digest what other people say, listen to ur own heart and pursuit ur dream without doubts.